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125 years van Gogh:
a celebration of his work

Reinier is one of our motion designers based in Amsterdam. Together with Koen van Geel en Jeoffrey van Overveld he created an awesome projection mapping animation in honor of Vincent van Gogh. Here is a short Q&A with Reinier about this project.

How did you guys come up with this project?
2015 was the year of Van Gogh. It has been 125 years since he has passed. To honor him the municipality of Breda has asked me together with Koen & Jeoffrey to bring his paintings even further to life in this live video projection which can be seen on Breda’s historic ”Spanjaardsgat”. Their brief was to create a celebration of van Goghs’s painting in the middle of Breda.

So, how did you translate this in to the concept and content that has been produced?
We researched his paintings and chose a couple of iconic works, like “The Potato Eaters” and “The Starry Night”. The next step was to think of an interesting way to animate these paintings. For example, I worked on “The Starry Night” and was inspired of the movement of his brushstrokes. The painting was so dynamic that I recreated it in 3D to animate the swirls and stars in a constant flow. For the “Potato Eaters” we cut out and retouched the painting in Photoshop so we could bring the characters to live.

How did you make sure these animations would fit on this specific building?
Because the shape of the building we projected on was pretty odd, we had to retouch and rework a lot of van Gogh’s painting to make it fit on the wall. Unfortunately, you lose a lot of contrast and colour when you project content on beams outside and at night. We did a good amount of colour correction to make it look as it should be.

Thanks for your time!

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