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A better world starts in your pocket.

What do you spend your money on? Every choice you make affects the world around you indirectly. Secrid markets its product with this in mind. Throughout the entire production chain, they try to prevent waste and have a positive impact on the community. 

The client
Secrid asked us to setup a photoshoot for new POS-materials for their recently opened flagship store. The focus of the shoot should be on pocket wear while remaining exciting. We were asked to capture “stolen moments” in the use of their product. 

Secrid’s product lives in your pocket. Everybody uses a wallet even though we never focus on it. We were able to capture the stolen moments in everyday life by placing the models in the heart of the city of Rotterdam. In order to shift the focus to their wallet’s we chose to not fully portrait the models. This allowed us to use the models to keep the shoot exciting while subtly portraying the product. 

The fotoshoot resulted in POS-materials for the Secrid’s flagship store in The Hague. The shoot was produced in co-creation with Hotel Rebel.

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