In-lite outdoor lighting


Our role
  • Concept Development
  • Production

‘Unhide your garden’ campaign for In-lite

When is the best time to enjoy your garden? During the evening!
The evening has a mysterious quality about it. You never know what is hidden in the dark.
What magical world is hidden in your garden waiting on you to be discovered?

The client
In-lite approached us with the question to come up with a campaign for the product launch of their new SMART HUB-150. This new app allows the user to remotely control their garden lights. The goal of this film was to inspire their audience and instill a sense of magic. In-lite also asked us to use the interplay between darkness and light as a theme in the campaign. Because there can be no light without darkness. 

To really capture the essence and the feeling of magic we chose to tell their story through the eyes of a child. Children’s innocence allows them to experience the true essence of magic like no other. Together with our director (Jurian Gravett) we chose for a story driven concept. This allowed us to relay the tension of the dark and the magic of the light in the most natural way possible. We developed a concept where a young boy loses his ball in a dark garden and gets some magical help to it. 

The online campaign was distributed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in 3 different countries. A teaser period with 2 short versions of the film led up to the eventual launch of the main film. The Film was directed by Jurian Gravett of Venture Collective. 

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