Reuzel Pomade


  • Film
Written & Directed by
  • Artyom Zakharenko

Reimagining the 50’s: Pompadours and Reuzel.

Artyom is one of our talented Cinematographers based in Amsterdam. He has been working in the industry since 2001. We spoke to Artyom about the project he produced for Reuzel Pomade.

Can you tell us more about the film and how you came up with the idea to shoot in a 50’s vibe?
The Dutch word ‘Reuzel’ means animal fat, one of the main ingredients used in hair products back then. We wanted to use these little facts to build the identity of the brand. That way we could give the product a story and a unique character within its niche market. We decided to stay in the 50’s both in look and feel, since that was a big part of Reuzel’s identity.

That’s fascinating! Must have been challenging to create a vibe that’s around 70 years old.
It was very challenging and exciting at the same time. You come up with something that mixes up true events and fantasy and try to make an entertaining brand movie while doing so. By giving the film a 50’s vibe in 2017 was awesome. It made the size of the production feel twice as big while we had to work with a tight budget.

Thanks for your time!

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