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A daunting afterglow in the night.

Our team had the pleasure to sit down with Robert Philips and talk about a super cool Philips TV campaign he worked on. Robert is not related to the Dutch Philips family but has worked there for more than 10 years as the Global Creative Director for Philips TV. When Robert started freelancing he became part of our Sand & Castle Network. He is a short Q&A with Robert about this absolutely stunning campaign.

What was the primary goal to create this campaign?
With a focus primarily on Ambilight and European design as our ‘Unique Selling Point’ we drenched the product in coloured light and focused on the refined forms, sleek silhouettes, and a stand that make the television seem to float mid-air when the Ambilight is on. Afterglow came from the strategy that Philips TV goes beyond the ordinary – our goal being to amplify the Ambilight proposition.

Any challenges down the road?
Logistically making the films it was a nightmare. Making each light suit required sewing 7,000 LEDs onto each skiers’ gear. As if skiing in gear covered in LEDs wasn’t tricky enough, the guys were doing it at night. Pep Fujas and Eric Hjorleifson are two of the best skiers on the planet, but even they found it daunting trying to negotiate steep, rugged, densely wooded terrain that would be a challenge in broad daylight. It didn’t help that the snow occasionally blew and billowed up around them; the bright light reflecting off all that powder could be blinding – not unlike driving in a snowstorm.

What was your specific role within this campaign?
My role as Creative Director was to steer the communication, create the brand playbook and set the direction for the whole creative team. Next to that, i’ve worked with the creative agency to ensure the work not only set the brand apart, but maximised on a low budget and maximum impact.

What was the result for Philips?
With this campaign we set a spike in awareness and the curve for Philips TV in general. OLED TV from Philips with Ambilight now sets the pace for all other TV makers across the globe. All other print, social and digital follows accordingly with the same cohesive message.
Thanks for your time!

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