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On the go for Fittstore by the Sand & Castle Academy

Nowadays, everybody is busy. We all have to balance work, working out, a social life and kids. How do you find the time to live healthily and stay fit while juggling all of these responsibilities? 

The client
Fittstore asked the Sand & Castle Academy to help them boost the online sales of their meal replacement shakes through an online campaign. The goal of the campaign was to improve the sales of their 3 product categories (Good Shake, Whey Protein & Collagen Drink). All of the products had their own distinct target groups and we had to fit all of their different USP’s in one online video that could be targeted to the different segments. A nice challenge indeed! 

Fittstore’s meal replacement shakes are the perfect solution on the go when you’re pressed for time. You only have to fill them with water, shake them and you’re good to go! We decided the ease of use of the product should be shown in the campaign, while explaining the difference uses of the shakes to the different target groups. We chose to tell Fittstore’s story from the perspective of our 3 target groups with little time. The lives of these busy characters clash during their day to tell 1 cohesive story.   

The campaign resulted in a main film with 3 different characters representing the different shakes. The main film was divided into 3 different films in order to target the different target groups on social media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube). The launch of the campaign increased the overall online sales in the first month by 10%. The film was produced by Stan de Wit and Sem Lingerak from the Sand & Castle Academy. 

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