• Film
  • PM: Rob van Zandvoort
  • Producer: Marjolein Aarten
  • Director: Jurre van Keulen
  • DOP: Alex Pistorius

Helping Haluco stand out at fruit logistica.

Trade shows are hard work for sales people. How can you attract customers and explain complex processes to your prospects in a noisy hall full of people? Especially amidst dozens of other companies. How can you stand out? At the same time you have to pitch your green initiatives at Fruit Logistica, literally one of the greenest trade shows in Europe. You can use all the help you can get.

In order to help their sales team at Fruit Logistica, Haluco wanted a tool that could help generate leads, showcase their new top-seal machine and make their brand more personal. What better way to do this than to produce a video that showcases all of the above?

In order to show the human side the mechanical process we picked a crew of young filmmakers and a seasoned producer to tell the story of Haluco. As you can see they were able to balance the human side of the process while introducing the top-seal machine in a very natural way. All of this resulted in a process video that was the perfect pitch video at the Fruit Logistica stand.

The video helped Haluco generate leads at the Trade show and it supported the sales team in their sales pitch. The video allowed the sales team to showcase the top-seal machine, a big USP in this branch since it reduces the use of plastic up to 30% compared to other packaging methods.

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