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Unusual trendsetters in the flower and plant sphere

HotelRebel is a creative production company headquartered in Rotterdam with executive producers in Amsterdam and Berlin. We had a short chat with the two founders Annemieke & Sandra about their series EXPOSÉ.

Can you tell us a bit more about EXPOSÉ?
Since a couple of years we’ve been producing a series of video portraits about the lives of high standard unusual trendsetters in the flower and plant sphere. These could for instance be florists, stylists and illustrators all over the world. The serie EXPOSÉ is commissioned by the Dutch Flower Council in 4 countries.

Are there any outstanding trendsetter that have participated in the serie so far?
Absolutely. Think of creators like Azuma Makoto (Japan), Katie Scott (London), Marcin Rusak (London), Putnam and Putnam (New York), Barnabe Fillion, Monsieur Plant (France), Tage Andersen and The Wunderkammer.

Can you tell us more about what this specific episode is about?
Episode 22 is our Paris special with talents Nue Paris & Jefferson Fouquet. Since the arrival of social media, florists have more opportunities than ever to express themselves and show their craftsmanship to the world. In this episode we have a closer look into the next generation of florists.

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