• Film
  • Production : Shop Around

  • Concept: Studio Mals

  • Craft: Studio Mals

  • DOP + Post: Setreset Films

The golden rule? Golden yellow!

Our team had the pleasure to sit down with Koen Berkhout of Setreset Films and talk about the making of an online commercial for het Voedingscentrum. Koen has been with the Sand & Castle Network from the very start and is one of our filmmakers/animators.  We held a short Q&A with Koen about this cool campaign.

What were the goals of this project?
The Dutch ‘Voedingscentrum’ raises awareness about food, nutrition and their potential health hazards. This year they wanted to kick-off 2019 with a nationwide campaign about baked potatoes. Specifically about the neurotoxin ‘Acrylamide’,  which forms when potatoes are baked/fried for too long. We (Setreset Films x Studio Mals) were asked to create a short online commercial that gives guidelines to ‘bake right, bake golden yellow’.

How was this translated in to the concept and content that has been produced?
Our style is defined by the clean, playful and colourful look. This helps getting a message across in the least distractive way, while also being fun to watch. The deliverables for this campaign were 20, 15 and 10 second edits of the same commercial. The story had to be simple, concise and memorable. But also have interchangeable scenes, as some were left out for the shorter versions.

Any challenges or notable things that happened during process?
We discovered that it was quite challenging to bake potatoes in the right shade of golden yellow (that’s probably the reason this campaign exists). Luckily the Voedingscentrum team eased our ‘pain’ by baking them for us during the shoot. We ended up using only the best looking baked potatoes throughout the commercial.

What was your role in this project?
Setreset Films was in charge of camera and lighting, editing, post-production, color grading and final delivery. We made sure the shots looked consistent throughout the commercial and the message held up in all edits.

Thanks for your time!

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