We fulfill big promises

while keeping things

beautifully simple.

We developed a flexible and efficient model with a focus on creation. This allows us to put our time and energy into what really matters; creating impactful content.


Your team will have a solid foundation and a flexible structure, just like a sandcastle.

Our model aims to complete each project as efficient and flexible as possible. We build a core team for each project, surrounded by a flexible layer of specialists. This saves us time and money without compromising on the quality of the end result.

Our team has experience with a wide range of film & photography productions. This allows us to consult you every step along the way,  from first concept to final edit.

At Sand & Castle, we understand each project is different so we adapt accordingly. We deliver on all projects, from major feature films to ’boutique’ films.

We don’t believe in boundaries, that’s why we love digital art & animation. It makes the impossible possible and brings dreams to live.

Our model allows us to work with the most talented concept artists, illustrators and animators in the world. This allows us to adopt specific styles for different projects, based on your brand’s needs.

Through content creation
we help brands tell their 
story and make an impact. 

At Sand & Castle, we stand up for creators and brands. That’s why we have developed a flexible and efficient agency model with a focus on creation. Our model allows us to put our time and energy into what really matters; creating impactful content.

Regardless of the target group or communication style – from Boomers to GenZ, with informative, activating or inspiring content – every project requires a unique approach. The S&C model ensures that each campaign gets the right team of specialists it deserves.

Concepts & Formats

Concept Development

We believe that every concept should be informed by a strong understanding of the situation, the audience, the channels that will be used and the objectives that the brand wants to reach. The development of strong, creative concepts are fundamental for all of our projects.

Format Development

A content strategy is not complete without good content formats for social media. Where the content strategy is the story, you determine in content formats how you are going to tell that story. Not in blanks, but in sections, serial. Our team provides you with the right ideas and formats to bind your audience to you.

“I'd recommend them to anyone. Sand & Castle provides, measurable value and their experience drives strong creatives.”

Saad JabriMarketing Manager EMEA, Hoshizaki Europe

The Sand & Castle


The Sand & Castle Academy invests in the development of a new breed of creatives. We believe that young talents should have the opportunity to work on great projects and become better at their profession at the same time.

Our Academy gives young makers the opportunity to work together with experienced professionals from the Sand & Castle Network. In addition, we provide the talents with guidance and creative workshops hosted by our network.