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Curious about our model?

We have been on a mission to make the advertising industry more transparent since 2018. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a flexible and transparent way of working. This way of working is based on the lean principles and ensures every link in our process adds value to the end result. No unnecessary costs or meetings. This way we can offer fair prices for both our clients and our creatives. Let's put the focus on actual creation instead of meetings and billable hours. Makes sense right?

At the beginning of each project, we analyse your objectives to see what's needed to successfully reach your goals. Based on this analysis we assemble the perfect team that will get the job done. If additional requirements are needed during the project, we can add them to the team if necessary. Your team will have a solid foundation and a flexible structure, just like a sandcastle. Our way of working allows us to deal efficiently with your time and budget. This way we offer a creative solution for modern brands

Get Access To Our Creative Network

Specific challenges require specific solutions. The Sand & Castle Network houses a wealth of experience and expertise in the creative field. Our way of working allows us to build project-based teams around your needs, maximizing your budget for creation. Due to our strict selection criteria we only work with the best creatives in the industry.

The Sand & Castle Blueprint


How does the

S&C Model work?

1. Foundation

The first step is crucial in understanding how Sand & Castle can help you reach your goals. We analyse your brand in order to gain insight into your challenges. This allows us to construct a strategy tailored to your needs.

2. Framework

Based on the strategy and insights gathered in phase one we develop a framework for execution. We assemble a dedicated team within our network to help with the construction of your project.

3. Execution

Time to execute. Based on the project strategy and framework we set up deadlines, deliverables and ensure the quality of your project. Your dedicated project manager streamlines the entire process and will be your main point of contact.

4. Evaluation

After the final delivery of the project, we evaluate everything in order to continuously develop and grow our service to you. After all, you never stop learning!